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Embrace Your Passion

I grew up in the country farmlands of upstate NY and uncovered my passion for music when I was 15 while listening to the first Kiss "Alive" and Rush, "All the worlds a stage".  From that point on, I knew the guitar would be my main voice in this world. When players such as Jeff Beck, Gary Hoey, Joe Satriani, Steve Via and Eric Johnson all became house-hold names for me, I felt the same desire to follow in their footsteps. I have seen many stages and studios, have met a lot of very influential people who have inspired me to be who I am today. 

The Guitar Sounds

Although I have various tube amps in the studio, I have been relying heavily on Fractal Audio products since 2013.  I have developed many sounds to replicate iconic players and the benefit of being able to store / recall these sounds quickly is a very big advantage I offer to clients as well as for my own personal projects. 

Be Inspired By Everything

I am a guitar player first, but also work on many projects from lead / backing vocals to mixing and mastering. I have learned a great deal and now capitalize by incorporating into every recorded note, this lifetime of knowledge, finesse, and musical maturity that transcends all styles while maintaining a cutting edge. Whatever the project is or what role I assume, rest assured the song will always remain as my focus to ensure the artist's vision is maintained.

"Ice Cream Man" guitar solo

In order to capture the Van Halen "brown sound", I am using a Fractal Audio FXII for the amp, cabinet, delay, reverb and most importantly, the phase 90 (script) type emulation.  I am using one of my Warmoth guitar bodies / necks for this video clip.  

Final Cut Pro x Example

After writing and recording the song "The Machine", I thought why not make a video out of it... Using Final Cut Pro x, a gopro camera, green screens and my account at Video Blocks, here is the video!

Music, Links and Info

Music for Sale

"Sleeping Giant" EP 

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External Projects

DeadWater  -  Very cool project where my involvement stems from playing various electric guitar parts to background vocals as well as final mixing and mastering of all released tracks.  On the DeadWater site, scroll down to the bottom of the page to download tracks or navigate to soundcloud and/or youtube.

Loco Moto  -  Fun project where I played the guitars, bass, backing vocals and a few lead vocals, mixing & mastering.  Definitely visit the page and watch the video's as Tom did an outstanding job!

Reverbnation  -  I started with this page to publish songs and ideas; there are a few songs and videos there! 


"When I first heard Alan whip out a melody it was one of those slide down in your chair, put your hand to your chin and open your mouth with a protruding “WOW” moment. The word “fluidity” comes to mind with his insightful technique; effortless movements that blossom and pull the listener into a multicolored maze of tonal bliss. Lock in your radar, this one’s bound to break some barriers."  Scott Braun. Music Photographer. NYC    www.scottbraunphotography.com

"I have worked with Alan since 2013 where I have had the opportunity to watch, learn and listen how he tracks vocals, bass, and guitars, produces & engineers mixes through final mastering on a few projects.  I have implemented many of his engineering techniques and ideas in my studio with stunning results"  Tom Mody, Owner at www.ModyMusic.com


"It has been my honor to work with a talent like Alan on many projects. From Live performance to intense studio projects Alan has been an absolute rock solid musician and incredible engineer. I have met thousands of people in my many years in this industry few stand out like Alan. His dedication to perfection and positive attitude makes project with him seem like a walk in the park."   Jim Servedio, CEO/Founder Servedio Entertainment, Live sound & Stage Lighting & Recording and Mix engineering


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Do you have a song that needs any instruments or vocals?  Perhaps mixing of a song or album or mastering an already mix project?  Very reasonable rates so feel free to send me a message or an email using the address below.