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I grew up in the country farmlands of upstate NY and always thought and dreamed in sound, rhythm, and music. I uncovered my passion for music when I was 15 listening to the first Kiss "Alive" and Rush, "All the worlds a stage". From that point on, I knew the guitar would be my main voice and passion in this world.  I have seen many stages and studios, have met a lot of very influencial people who have inspired me to be who I am today.  Regardless of sound and style, I give my full creativity and find inspiration all around me.  Whether I am playing, singing or mixing, the art and process of creating something from nothing is an amazing experience that will continue until my last breath; make every moment count! 

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2012 Mac12 Core dual 2.4 ghz       MOTU Digital Performer 9.51       IK Multimedia

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Do you have a song that needs any instruments or vocals?  Perhaps mixing of a song or album or mastering an already mix project?  Very reasonable rates so feel free to send me a message or an email using the address below.